Diss tracks: just stop it, for god’s sake

On a serious note re the Angel Haze/Azealia Banks track, though, this whole thing is depressing as hell. The whole existence of the diss track as a phenomenon has always been something that’s bugged me — 99% of them are tiresome, self-aggrandizing dick-waving of interest to no-one apart from the disser, the dissee and whatever fans get a kick out of cheerleading. The sort of marginal “disrespect” that inspires them is usually also depressingly high school and mundane — in this case, it’s a Twitter spat, which is the single lamest sort of conflict humanity has yet invented, and it started over whether rappers “not born and raised in NY can claim NY”, the sort of parochial horseshit about which the less said, the better. And the result is that we have two rather awesome female artists — one of whom is responsible for the single best song of last year — tearing strips of one another in a manner that’s so asinine it’d have high schoolers wincing at the pointlessness of it all. Great. Well done, Angel Haze and Azealia Banks. Now can you get back to actually being artists?

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