The new meds are working.

It is about as impossible to describe the sensation of not being depressed to a depressed person as it is describing depression to someone who has never been depressed. To people with depression like mine, where it’s a constant presence for years,…

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I literally have no idea what this person is talking about.

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Portrait of James Foley.  War photographer. Rest in peace, hero 




Portrait of James Foley.  War photographer. Rest in peace, hero 


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I learned something about Australian culture today

me: your people really are fond of the word "dickhead"
why do they like it so much?
Tom: i have thought a lot about this
i think that part of it is that it's so much fun to say
with a real accent on the first syllable
and it's so utilitarian and matter of fact
like there are a million more elaborate insults
but you're literally saying
your head is a penis
that's what i think of you
you have a dick for a head
it's hard to beat that really
me: wow
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Not Poor Enough, Not Depressed Enough, Not Abused Enough


By Clementine Bastow


Dear Young Person:

You are eight years old. Your aunt has given you a biscuit tin full of antique costume jewelry: there are Venetian glass beads and gold filigree things and tiny little snuff boxes set with enamel flowers. Even the tin itself is beautiful, covered…

Everyone should read this thing that Clem wrote. It’s incredibly brave and really rather beautiful

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"Roshi said something nice to me one time. He said that the older you get, the lonelier you become, and the deeper the love you need. Which means that this hero that you’re trying to maintain as the central figure in the drama of your life—this hero is not enjoying the life of a hero. You’re exerting a tremendous maintenance to keep this heroic stance available to you, and the hero is suffering defeat after defeat. And they’re not heroic defeats; they’re ignoble defeats. Finally, one day you say, ‘Let him die—I can’t invest any more in this heroic position.’ From there, you just live your life as if it’s real—as if you have to make decisions even though you have absolutely no guarantee of any of the consequences of your decisions."

Leonard Cohen, SPIN, March 2002. (via markrichardson)

I’ve shared this quote a riddiculous number of times in a few contexts, but it continues to mean something to me so I’m sharing it again. I have not yet let the hero die.

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Thinking along similar lines to this today.

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(assuming this is also where the “You live your life as if it’s real” line in “A Thousand Kisses Deep” comes from, which makes perfect sense given how it ties into Buddhist ideas of reality as an illusion)

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Watching the clock like

Watching the clock like

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we don’t have the beat
no one has the beat

Fuck Ariel Pink bring back John Maus <3

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"She has created a wonderful thing with Notorious R.B.G. I will admit I had to be told by my law clerks, what’s this Notorious. And they — they explained that to me."

The Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg a.k.a. notoriousrbg to katiecouric. (via staff)


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